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engin teacher is a scientist whose place we could not find anyone to fill his place in the academic community if they gave the world. surely he is currently analyzing the great unknown with his unstoppable intelligence. we have admired you since you came and answered the question we asked years ago when zevzek was a freshman for hours without being used. you left us like this...


the lady who once graced our press with her views on thorium. in a television program, her husband, metin arik, broke me in the middle by saying, "i don't understand what it means to be a theoretical physicist in a branch like physics." he is very nervous compared to the tawatur, but there is not the slightest doubt that he loves his job...


the scientist who lost his life in a plane crash shortly after claiming that he and his team found thorium reserves worth 175,000,000,000,000 (175 trillion dollars) worth of thorium in the country. (bkz: tengri türküg közedzün yegedzün)


the late professor, whom i thought could not sleep peacefully... no one values the things you died for right now.. the country is dying.. it's a pity.. as you said, we are sitting on our savior, but we don't know..


it is a soul that lost its victory over cancer on a cold and icy mountain.


bosphorus university physics professor, whom i was with in class just yesterday morning, whose name i did not want to believe when i heard his name on the news, but was confirmed to be lost by an e-mail. my condolences to his family, friends and all his students, and i wish god's mercy on him.


the first name that comes to mind from the country when it comes to the atlas experiment carried out within the body of cern is the boğaziçi university team leader of the experiment. for another name with the surname arik in the same project; (see text now)


the second loss that came out today... then i thought about life, my father, grandfather, grapes, pitsy during the day... then i thought how happy i was that he got better, that cancer scared him and ran away... then i didn't think about it and just wanted to sleep.