vanishing on 7th street

vanishing on 7th street

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the reason why it is not one of the worst films in the history of cinema is the films of mehmet ali erbil that occupied the imdb bottom 100. it's such a bad and pointless movie. it is an anti-art piece that i had to give 1/10, which is the minimum score i can give because there is no 0 rating on imdb. this body from hollywood has never seen worse...


the crop of 2010 is a us-made movie directed by one of my favorite directors, brad anderson. the screenplay was written by anthony jaswinski. although it promises enjoyable shots from time to time, i did not like the movie in general. it just seems like a movie suitable for those who say 'let it be dystopian or muddy'. it's likely to be a frustrating experience for the rest. for more...


when you read the title and say, "oh, it looks like a good movie." the shit that is said and watched, stealing 90 minutes from a person's life. i can't even call it a movie, it's such a bad movie.


--- spoiler --- we burn this planet, the despair of a handful of people who have not heard his line. --- spoilers ---


the movie with a budget of $10m and a total revenue of $22,197. even these numbers give a clue about the success of the movie.


do yourself a favor, never ever watch this movie. otherwise, what was it, why was there such a thing, you might go crazy about it. warn me.