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sometimes even a professor. you are a huge academician, do you like a hammer and a stake? send a stone, send an assistant, they're going to blow the stake, say you killed me. what is it?


wonderful production that we watched again with my roommate years later and enjoyed the same. assuming that the effects technology in the film industry is developing rapidly, i couldn't see any twists in this movie from 6 years ago. the acting is also excellent, as i can't forget the theatrical scene where one of the count's wives carelessly pulls out the silver arrows stuck on the roof top, what a beautiful performance it is. it is a production that gives us the feeling of watching a live comic book.


the son of a bitch who causes dracula's death in every movie.


abraham van helsingdir his full name is being a vampire hunter. he is an old man who has given up on a job that doesn't pay much. he is also a doctor. he studied medicine for 6 years and was obsessed with metaphysical parasites, instead of dealing with tapeworms and tapeworms.


computer game intro demo with beautiful music. when it is finished, options such as "play", "tournament", "options" appear.


a material error has been made about him. it is said that; "van helsing is the one who killed count dracula" is wrong sir, the person who killed count dracula is actually kara murat. in the movie kara murat fatih's beast, this fact is already clearly shown. while there are real heroes in our own history, don't give credit to such scumbags! please i'm asking...


a name that sounds like the name of a dutch striker. -eveeat kicked his foot, his foot's goal, van helsinkin's goal!!