vampire villager wizard game

vampire villager wizard game

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the game that i always wanted to play but could never create an environment for. always a 'what the hell is this, i didn't understand anything. 'long donkeys are going to play' twats are coming out. be open to a little change, what a dirty environment i have made.


liver lamb wrap is a game where i see how friends can sell each other. in every game, there is a strong possibility that there will be a fight. sometimes the head is scattered*.


(bkz: who is the killer)


the original name of the game is mafia. it is a game that takes place in television shows in russia. in fact, it is so famous that it is played with money in restaurants and cafes. it was developed by the russian psychologist dimma davidoff. i think they adapted it as a village vampire.


indispensable pleasure of internships. if 10 people, male or female, have known each other for a few weeks, it can become very enjoyable. especially with a complicated player, the taste of being a vampire and fucking the whole village, i think, is not found in any game. even if it's the summit, let's go running.