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shamed him. only before, with marc marquez's constant contact, valentino rossi hugs marc marquez in the manner of "come and try again if your ass is eating". marc pushes when marquez tries again. he even watches for 1-2 seconds before pushing, "let me see if he's approaching, faggot". otherwise we know valentino rossi. if this move surprised people, it's because there is no such character.


legend who taught comez marquez a lesson he will never forget in argentina.


in my opinion, this is the best motorcycle rider among the active ones. always smiling. he is strangely greedy. i remember him from 125cc and back then (3 years ago) this friend was called 125cc's mick doohan. the enemy of the head is max biaggi, who is also a citizen. rossi is currently in the 1st place overall with 26 points. in the last race, he started in pole position on the catalunya track, dropped to the 10th league, and then went to the 1st league again and shamelessly opened the 4 second difference. and his hair used to be long. it's short now.


he completed the race at tt assen as the leader and came on the podium as the 1st after a long break. valet is back!…78508_n.jpg…78750_n.jpg


the legend received a penalty of 3 points and a penalty to start his valencia gp from the end . damn ugly spaniards , there are only two men among you , one is pau gasol and the other is xavi . the rest of you are mud omg .


in 2008 catalunya motogp, he forced casey stoner in front of him along the start-finish straight for two consecutive laps and tricked him by braking early at the end of the straight, and he relaxed in the next lap and passed his opponent with late braking, which i think made the audience laugh a lot.


man making love with his motorcycle. especially those who watch the fastest know; before the race, the man talks to his motorcycle, caresses, motivates etc. also, i think even this photo taken 2 years ago when he said goodbye to his yamaha, where he raced together for years and won championships, to compete on behalf of ducati, is more emotional than many romantic romantic movies. there was also a video of it accompanied by time to say goodbye, i guess it was removed, i couldn't find it anywhere...


the lecture he gave to marc marquez can be viewed here. --- spoiler --- let alone second place, he didn't even finish the race. such a slap. --- spoiler --- addendum: just got me thinking. rossi did a similar thing to australian casey stoner at laguna seca in 2008. there