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the most widely used nuclear fuel is uranium. - first, the uranium ore is purified. - after that, atoms of a special isotope of uranium are added to it. this is called enrichment and facilitates nuclear fission. finally, the enriched uranium is crushed into pellets. and these lumps are combined to form sticks. - these rods are placed in the core of the power plant and used as fuel and produce energy.


element, which is a strong enough energy source to meet the country's annual electricity need with only 5 kilos.


the reason why thousands of children have cancer in iraq right now, which is coated with normal bullets to pierce the armors of iraqi tanks, which gets into the soil, air, water, agricultural products, and the body over time, and whose effect does not go away immediately, is the troublesome substance...


the mine that caused france to attack mali today...


in the image of iron, like poetry, it is a beautiful chemical element. its atomic number is 92. it melts towards 1800 degrees. the symbol is "u". although its name comes from uranus, it is always found in nature combined with other elements, its color changes under light...


of course, cary grant is the element that cannot escape our brother's eyes, hidden in wine bottles in alfred hitchcock's notorious movie. while i was watching the movie, i wanted to say, get excited and take care of yourself, my dear, uranium won't stay as it stands in this bottle, but i couldn't. joking aside, the truth is that while alfred efendi was shooting the movie, robert tried to get information from millikan about uranium, but millikan said that the element could only enter the bottle theoretically. yaa..


no matter where you say its chemical properties.. electronic configuration: [rn].5f3.6d1.7s2 shell structure: electronegativity: 1.38 (in pauling units) electron affinity: no information atomic radius: 175 pm (calculated -- pm)


the goal of the legendary feast master in the cartoon series tübitak, "i made a keychain from uranium, it shines" and helps those who are in the dark..