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similar feature should be developed not only for calls but also for whatsapp. similar feature (see: do not disturb)


extremely useful and good app. some of its advantages are: 1- you can see who is calling even if it is not in your contacts (not valid for every number, but satisfactory) 2- someone called you, then you gave up instantly, your application screen shows no answers even if your phone never rings. 3- you have blocked a number, when it calls you, it appears unanswered on the application.


as one of the humble people, i say that the owner of the advertisement that has made the best use of flour in this land lately is the application. congratulations to the creative director who approves and to those who think and mustemine who approve.


this is the app i'm looking for the one for vodafone.


i downloaded it to the phone. sometimes i don't recognize numbers, their numbers appear on the screen with the name. they are surprised when i answer them on the phone and call them by their names.


an app that shows unknown numbers but asks for too much personal data. the confidentiality agreement is easily accessible. too much data collected; it collects all information such as who you talk to, how many times you call. he says that their intended use includes marketing, but not limited to this.


is this application paid? some of them wrote that they were charged on the invoice.


the service that started hosting in-app ads with the last update. i couldn't find a way to remove it either.