until die do us part

until die do us part

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it's a fun game that makes you laugh a lot, even if it doesn't have depth. marbling and khan made a good couple.


i wouldn't sit and watch it if it came across on tv, but i watched the theatre. both my 2 hours are gone and my money.


play written by pucca, successfully performed by hakan yılmaz and ebru cündübeyoğlu. i had the opportunity to watch it in the meb sura hall and our laughter continued from the beginning to the end of the game. if you want to have a really fun and good time, i recommend you to go and watch it. the only problem is that the ending is bad in terms of scenario, but these two are really nice. even go to watch a good acting.


first of all, i liked that his language is one of us, and i even felt like watching two of my close friends for a while, which is also related to the talents of the actors, so i liked it. the energy increased in the second half compared to the first half, and it drew in even more. of course, everyone has their own taste, but they don't deserve a negative review. finally, if possible, go with a friend you can talk about and whose ideas you love, then it's more fun to comment. *


the play i watched last season.. i liked both the script and the acting. i knew that ebru cündübeyoğlu was acting well even with her facial expressions. using today's relations and social media, a beautiful scenario has emerged. after the intense work stress, you go for a little laugh. i like it.


it's a game that i find the acting performances extremely successful, even though the script is mediocre.


my rating is 10 out of 10. hakan yılmaz is a very successful actor. ebru cündübeyoğlu did justice to her role. i can say this is the best comedy i've ever seen. made me laugh a lot on stage. it is really difficult to understand the authors who say that the end can be predicted. what kind of ending do they expect in a comedy screened game?


2 hours of fun game that i watched in kadıköy public education center. a game that we don't notice much, but that reveals how social media works all the way to our family life and conversations, making you laugh. the performances of hakan yilmaz and ebru cündübeyoğlu are admirable. there are already 2 players with proper dialog hehe.