universities and departments that do not require attendance

universities and departments that do not require attendance

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if there is, they are the sections i want to know.


am curious about business / economics / economics departments. may god-loving defense come and green my message box for universities in the country (especially in istanbul).


teacher: why is the class so crowded, i don't understand class:???*?*?* teacher: anyway, i hope it will decrease towards the middle of the semester (law school)


of course, excluding practical courses, anatolian university electrical-electronics engineering. there is no attendance requirement for most of the courses. after the first grade, i graduated almost without going to school, so it has a nice system. although they brought the tethered lesson later on, graduating without going to school may be a bit of a age these days.


if you are going to enroll thinking of not going to the class, go directly and enroll in open education. university is not just about classes unless you study in an apartment.


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these are the sections that are not distance education, formal education you know, but can only be read by taking exams.


(see: parliament)