unique places on our earth

unique places on our earth

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las pozas, san luis potosi, mexico.

this strange and fascinating spot is located on the outskirts of xilitla, a pleasantly sleepy town located in the huasteca region of san luis potosi state, mexico. las pozas is the fruit of over thirty years of work by the eccentric english poet and art collector edward james and his gifted local ally, carpenter jose aguilar.

las pozas is best described as a surrealist sculpture park, coınstructed around pathways which wind sensuously through the rainforest. i visited earlier this year and found i have to take two visits to truly appreciate its splendour. the sculptures are dense with meaning and obscure connotations; knowledgeable local guides are on hand to point out some of these that may not immediately catch your eye. a place seemingly outside of time and space!
kyrgyzstan. i think that whole country fits the definition of a unique place. both it's geography and culture are one of a kind. in many ways, spending time in kyrgyzstan will make you feel isolated from the rest of the world.
dungeness, england

dungeness is an isolated headland in the county of kent, south east england. anyone who has spent a little time in the south of england will immediately notice that dungeness' particular location , a vast shingle beach surrounded by marshland, makes it feel worlds apart from the surrounding environment. the coast houses a small fishing village and a nuclear powerstation. there is something altogether otherworldly about this place. perhaps that is what attracted the artist and filmmaker derek jarman to the village where he owned a cottage and spent the last years of his life working on his garden, a peculiar endeavor indeed- but one that makes total sense in the context.

dungeness is a little bit far out but worth it for the environment which is something i have never experienced elsewhere.
the paris catacombs:

huge public mausoleum constructed in disused mines underneath paris in the 1800s. this was done so to resolve the problem of overcrowded mass graves in the city. this place is truly macabre- the skulls and bones of over 6 million people are arranged as walls and structures in a series of winding, dimly lit paths
derinkuyu underground city in capadoccia, turkey

this is one of serveral underground cities in the area, constructed as a means of defense by cappadocian greek speaking christians in the byznatine era. these well fortified underground networks could house up to 20, 000 people and served for centuries as a refuge for christian against first arab, then ottoman foes.
slab city, california.

this is a small autonomous community in the sonora desert, california, where off grid livng thrives. it is so named for the concrete slabs, originally constructed for military barracks, on which it is built. you may recognise it from the move 'into the wild' with emile hersch.
a national park in florida. one of the world's truly unique spots. swim with manatees, soak up the vibes, enjoy