union and progress society

union and progress society

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when celal bayar said we, he meant the union and progress, not the democratic party.


it is the society that those who criticize about it miss the most important detail. it is overlooked that the itc, accused of tearing apart the ottoman's institutional structure, is also an ottoman. it is also funny that he was accused of bringing an unprecedented 33-year-old chief of staff to the head of the entire empire, because the same whole empire did not hesitate to enthrone a 7-year-old boy.


it is said that the staffing policy in the army had a large share in the defeats in the following wars. for example, it has been seen that they appointed an inexperienced officer, who was a union and progress militant, to this formation, instead of a general who was neutral and equipped with years of experience. you will appreciate that the military skill of this young individual is not sufficient for the task and will inevitably do more harm than good where he is.


"...you know that one unionist is a good friend, two unionists are feared, for three unionists there is no satisfaction other than seizing power" mustafa kemal - 1930


a society likened to an ideal hearth. establishing a connection between the ideal hearth and itc can occur in three different situations; not having any knowledge about Ülkü ocakları, not knowing anything about itc.

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