unheard of curses

unheard of curses

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"if i say son of a bitch, they will be punished for 30 years, but he also gets 1 year for insulting and 29 years for revealing state secrets". i think it's an insult to an elder.


one day, in a game played on a rainy day, a man shouted to the lineman, "hakeeemm, fuck your ass reflection in the water".


is the most creative. first of all, a friend of mine swears at my other friend. blasphemy is "i will fuck you on the bosphorus bridge. all of asia and europe will watch you fuck me" while we were clapping "oooo" the real bomb came from my other friend who swore. it's like "i'll fuck you in greenwich too. the whole world adjusts its clocks to the time i fuck you" i have never heard such an original and quick thoughtful swear word in my life.


heard this from a madman who was looking around and shouting in an aggressive manner in a traffic where your cars don't move a mile. if he didn't look like an aggressive person, i would go and kiss his hand.


i heard it in a match, a fan said to the referee: "let me do excavation work on your mother's roof". then piss piskin: the referee is forcing me to be creative, he said i was torn...


in the fight between two women: - fuck my husband! - fuck me so that my eyes can see!


a friend of mine heard it in the stands and we laughed a lot, probably at the referee: (bkz: fuck your father, not your mother, your mother has a turn)