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this is the needle i will have for 5-6 days. the one i got in the morning didn't hurt, that's all, it hurt a little later, but the one i had in the evening made me a little sad. it took about 15 minutes, burning and pain. i didn't know how to get an injection for these 5-6 days and go to work right away. i wonder if this pain is due to the nurse or if this pain just dawned on me, i do not understand! my god, you put it in, you come out, my god. i will retire from disability, let me tell you. regards.


a medicine. long-acting broad-spectrum parenteral cephalosporin.


the medicine that says "feeling sick and being sick" in the title of possible side effects in the leaflet. moreover, it is a side effect that affects 1 out of every 10 people. i'm already taking medicine because i'm sick, i don't quite understand how i can be sick yet, someone enlighten me. edit: spelling


(see: ceftriaxone)