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in fact, she is an ugly woman when you examine them one by one. hands, feet, face shape, the size of his eyes, the width of his forehead. it looks ugly you know. but on the whole he has an interesting charm and charisma. you know, he's not handsome, but he's not like charismatic guys either. just look at this beautiful woman although there is no single beautiful place in the course.


when i think of uma thurman, i think of the kill bill thumb flick scene.. the woman also made her big toe famous .


the most beautiful, the ugliest, the most repulsive and the most attractive woman in the world. i didn't know


the woman who looks perfect at the met gala.…1200/uma-thurman.jpg


the sweet water belle, whom i sang after the kill bill, "uma thurman, if you reach our hand, say violence, say fight, sing blood".


"i'm an anti-innovation person. i can't even insert a cd into an ipod!" made a statement. we hope you don't waste your ipod...


she started crying when a fan who wanted to hug her was blocked by the security guards; on top of that, uma thurman couldn't stand it and he went and hugged that fan himself.*


the woman with the most beautiful feet in the milky way galaxy. nizam-ı edit: i was very young compared to the milky way galaxy back then.