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there are some of them at school or at work, they call a few times for something from mobile but you never save your phone


has. the blonde is the one who exists regardless of the brunette. admit it now man.


since there are not many men around her during the evolution process of the ugly girl, she does her own thing. like beautiful girls, she does not have the effect of gathering someone around her in her nature. she develops her conversation skills so that she can gather friends or make friends. for this reason, when he evolves, he will be resourceful, his head is suitable for many people, his body is mostly straight (since he is an active person), and he will be like a mountain cat in bed, mashallah. an ugly girl is better than a pretty girl in every way except she's not pretty.


she is a girl who can attribute the ugly name to allah's creation, but if you ask her, she wanders around as a true muslim and lives in the same environment with people who lead her life in this misery. ugliness is right within the people who refer to that person as 'ugly'. neither more nor less...


girl who exhibits unwanted or bad-hearted behaviors and has no respect for the other person is called an ugly girl. a girl who displays endless whims, is smug, doesn't stop tripping, doesn't know what's coming out of her mouth, insults the image of the other person, be as good as she wants, she is the ugly one. since there are no physically ugly people, there are no ugly girls. as long as a girl really takes care of herself, she is not "ugly" anyway. ugliness starts on the ground with annoying or unwanted bad behavior.


she is the girl i wonder who is labeled ugly according to whom and according to what. mankind will chirp when appropriate, saying 'tastes and colors are indisputable'. for example, i think adriana lima is not that beautiful, i sold her mother. of course, there are those who find what you call ugly as beautiful. that's how these things are. edit: i also love to fly ahead of time when you insult that adriana huh. it's like we're cursing their mother. dear adriana lima conservation society members, i promise you. don't worry but you were very f*cked by adriana too.


ugly girl is the soldier whose gun jams when faced with the enemy.


it's unwelcome when you roll up your skirt like a pretty girl in high school

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