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typhoon coragan

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the actor who made a very successful play as the lottery victim who thinks he is a sultan in the movie called billionaire.


the man who evolved into donald sutherland you know.


he plays the role of the counterfeiter who prints 15 thousand lira counterfeit banknotes in kemal sunal's film "the cute thief". we can see him in various films of kemal sunal, for example, the tenant. but the legendary series that took its place in our hearts was with ours.


he used to play rıfat, who made the holiday for free, with his wife at the summer houses, just as there was a poor groom in ours. he was a man of candid roles. i was saying where is he no longer seen, he was in seclusion in a village. http://ucuncuadam.wordpress.com/…ismanligim-olmadi/


a beautiful person whose acting and modesty are in direct proportion. he is of albanian descent on his father's side. it is our brother, we love it. he also made a lot of laughs with his role as crazy bekir in a bullshit movie. *


she is also the wife of güzin Çorağa, the wife of master david in "ours".


muhsin bey is also the host of the contest that ali gentleman lost.


(see: sukru bey's poor son-in-law)