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there is also the ability to fill that cigarette and roll it up. then it becomes a cigarette :


while wrapping it, i was exposed to the same crappy joke like "you don't add anything, you don't put grass or something in it, hehehe kikiki" by 9 out of 10 people, and now it's affordable cigarettes that i offend the person who makes this joke. what if a person shouldn't do that either. "do you smoke weed?" i'm drinking your mother's pussy, enough is enough.


the reason why it is constantly extinguished is that the paper used is slow burning, the tobacco is a moist tobacco or it is wrapped in chunks. even if you put the tobacco in bits and rolls, if you did not tear it and spread it on the paper, half of it will fall off. little brain huh..


in addition, i have seen that some villagers in our eastern provinces can roll cigarettes with one hand while using a tractor with the other hand, they are surprised and ashamed to be near them so that rolling cigarettes cannot be smoked.

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