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turing test

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game of understanding whether the other person is human or not in chats with ai bots. bots react differently to insults than humans. b) the person on the other end - your fucking boot ass - i'm yours fag! (bkz: feeling like talking to a bot)


possible continuation of the dialogue: at: write me a poem about istanbul. bg: i don't like to write poetry. at: add 3216 to 1220. bg:(waits 30 seconds first) 4536. at: you made a mistake on purpose, you also said that you don't like to write poetry. bg: how wrong... (waits 30 seconds) ha, that's why i pressed 5 when i was going to press 4. besides, i'm not a computer: you are a computer, don't eat us. bg: you are the computer. you have turned to artificial intelligence by dealing with computers. by the way, you said eat and i'm hungry, should we order a lahmacun, kirve. at: ???


according to turing; if a person cannot understand whether the answers he receives to the questions he asks are coming from a human or from another network system, artificial intelligence has been created and made operational. in a certain period of time, there are those who say that there may be a certain number of dialogs and that all of them can be saved on the computer, and some of them have denounced turing's thesis, but this idea of turing maintains its importance and fame.


what should be feared is not the existence of robots (ai) that pass the test; it is artificial intelligence that will play the role that it does not pass the test.