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these guys did it out of unemployment, the economy going crazy. what foot are you.


jokingly, it looks like it will become a more secular country than us over time. corn could go that way too, but i'm less likely to get there. wow, north african arabs are getting secular, we are getting conservative.


it was the country where my hotel and flight reservations were ready for the 28th, my holiday plans were destroyed along with the government. no, if the 23-year-old government is collapsing just 10 days before i leave, i'll look for a job in this business, friend... (bkz: don't come, you dude)


it has been an example that shows how dictatorships that do not rely on oil revenues will end. also; what kind of secular pressure is it that almost all the nurses and female doctors in the video below can be covered? http://www.liveleak.com/…=view and token=2d8_1294720161


the country experiencing the movement, which is supported by a great video on the website habervaktim.com. am i seeing it wrong, or are the editors of habervaktim.com really incapable of thinking? they put up a video, they were opening headscarved women like this, they were hurting like this. there is neither cruelty nor pressure on women in the video. so is there any compulsion? and the woman is already smiling. already a lot of women are covered in the video. if you're going to make propaganda, at least do it properly. i really don't understand what's going on.

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