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the one who says '[...] i am a woman and when a woman becomes a woman, she forgets everything except what is inside her heart...'


"... if someone close to you betrays you one day, learn to shut up and not cry. grow a blue rose in a jar that lives more every day. shut up a fairy tale and lie in wide rooms. in an oxygen tent. i wanted something bad to happen to him. . i wanted her to fall in love with me ..." here is the woman whose signature is under these lines; it can be loved just for these strings.


--- spoiler --- ”then maybe we'll have tea. if we are lucky, it will rain. we play with peace in the drops. my drop is a kiss on your forehead. maybe good things will happen. you come, i think." --- spoiler --- edit after 5 years: related post last cengi


"there are wounds that stay beautiful because there are women with lemon-scented rain. there are women who never forget, there are women who stay rain despite everything." tulip flower


"i wanted something bad to happen to him. i wanted him to fall in love with me" after these lines "what's up, what are you doing?" i will love the poet even if he writes. i already knew him by these lines. i wanted something bad to happen to me so i could write like him.


"one day you will see me on the street, you will never understand."


"i am not orange, i am a sign of mourning, i am purple, i may be saffron, but i am not orange. i will not be happy. my citrus cries their leaves. yet for you, my strange knight, for your delicate cruelty, i can forget the bruises of my heart and try to be orange" lm