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ece ayhan tells. one day, while sitting at his friends' house, turgut warns, they come from the countryside, read his poem and wonder what tuberose is after the poem.. "hyacinth is flower, halberd is the gooseberry's ax. at last you need an ax. maybe it's cruel, but if you want to do something, it's like this. so much death. if it happens, history moves forward a little. it moves with evil. the good is something extra." (see: ox's)


rather than writing a poem to a flower, it starts with praising those who bring the spring... the one who comes from the countryside, puts hyacinth on the color of the mine and the smell of his genius's labor turns the spring into a whirlwind... they come from the countryside... hyacinths and halberds...


it is the name of the book where tarik dursun k collects his selection stories.


a flower whose seedless seed is a soul. // (...) i don't know which keloğlan's fez i was a tuberose seed without a tassel (...)// ic. universal kultur monthly kultur art and literature magazine, issue: 80/august 1998. (bkz: maybe i am a lizard)


(see: polyanthes)


a fragrant plant that blooms in early spring. i think it is from lily family.


the flower that i met today with its name, smell and the poem turgut warn in which it is written, smells like a summer garden.