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uncle gave us a short story of my beautiful country. he made himself loved, showed his knowledge, spread smiles around, you can trust me, he said i'm one of you, patted him and left.


find the lawyer and marketer duo very sincere. instead of oppressing, humiliating or knowing too much, the program that is socioculturally inferior to the lawyer, first asks his opinion and then speaks for himself. the marketer friend is also quite natural. i really admired the couple. note: the marketer's friends are completely rough, how did he stay clean in that environment


don't understand how you interpret the event. the marketer had so naive and well-intentioned trust in the other person that when he saw that the man was saying head-to-head, he rushed hurriedly, not even looking at how much money he would get when he was someone he trusted and loved. good luck to our lawyer brother a thousand times, such beautiful characters are something that is rarely seen anymore. i hope everything in this life will always be according to your heart. i'm sure a lot of people were happy watching this painting tonight like me.


an unreliable man has competed, who has just officially abused his partner's trust by swearing "i will not hit the loaf of bread". with the rules of the competition, competition, etc. this is inexplicable. his family must have been very familiar with the jackals, as his mother asked the lady next to him, "look, do you see the difference between my children?" said. we saw the difference of their children, mashallah. you have raised very moral, reliable children.


-the man is a huge lawyer, he won't print for that much money bro - you're a huge market man too...


the competition that shows that no one can be trusted in this life. the man took an oath and said that i will not hit the quran, i have not let anyone down until today. when it was 72.000 liras, the amount went up and the girl stayed like that. man, don't be a little embarrassed, don't get bored. and he defends himself by saying the jargon of masculinity bidi bidi..


friends who said why didn't the marketer wait, the man was not going to press it, but when he said bass, he completely listened to the man he called brother and pressed it without even thinking about what the money was. how innocent..


a competition that competes with a legendary uncle who says, "i learned to settle for little, i came to the program saying, "i came to the program by saying that it is enough to impress even a few people", while there are people who will sell their ass for money on the one hand. i want to find that brother; it's a pleasure to have a cup of tea together.

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