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formation that pollutes the spirit of amateur football with the perception of football with bourgeois sauce.


they search for the name "tribune magazine" on twitter and block those who criticize them. what kind of job is this? without swearing or insulting, i wrote a 2 sentence thing about guys that i don't like, i saw that i was blocked while i was looking at a tweet. nothing more than football and tribune culture, nothing more than a twitter account run by teenagers.


one of the most beautiful sports forums in the internet world, where you can discuss and share information with every team supporter.. edit: i was kicked out of the forum *


the team that split halfway with the last comment they wrote on twitter. tribundergi tribun magazine dear friends, you say you watch ntvspor, ligtv and tweet. what should we watch king tv?


i have entrusted my career and charisma of about 10 years on the internet to 3-5 adolescent managers.


the site that has been licking the italian tribune leaders for 1 week on twitter. no, he had football players wear jerseys, no italian, i don't know, he was close to his clan, he was close to the sicilian mafia, no, he sent a mail to the italian prime minister. what i mean by the tribune leader is a handful of psychopaths who injure or even kill people by expressing their violence under the cover of football. more than 500 thousand people follow them and a significant part of this audience is young people who also go to the matches. it is not possible to understand why they are encouraging.


i have blind ignorant, fascist and racist supporters.


a forum with an owner who will die from his complex and arrogance. do not reply to what he wrote, you will be banned instantly. even if it says 2*2 = 5, it's true. he knows everything, he is very intelligent. he is so smart and so knowledgeable that even if you respond to what he wrote, he will kick you out of the forum. let them eat your justice.