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the mecidiyeköy branch does all of our company's airline related business. they are very successful, they always try to help as much as they can. i hope it continues like this.


when space tourism starts, it will be called star trek tourism.


it is a company where the owner, fikret gürbüz, hired and fired for pleasure. for some reason, he warned me, who used to go to work by bicycle, "don't come to work by bicycle"; when asked why, he could not give a meaningful explanation. he is of military origin, carries the traces of kenan evren and his junta in the management of the company.


the agency that sells a significant portion of the total air tickets sold in the country... their prices are usually better, they give discounts on their commissions... and they have very good ticket holders... in the tourism community, there are many people who don't like them because they sell very well and hold the market. ..


(see: tirrek)


a ticket agency with 51 branches in total, 25 on the european side of istanbul, and 20 on the anatolian side, both domestic and foreign. for details, please see;…trek/offices.aspx


tourism company that allows us to fly to italy-venice for 79 euros (95 euros with taxes) in march 2007 and delivers its customers who need to fly really cheap with its relevant personnel (beşiktaş branch).


the company where the prices on the website are not up-to-date. before making a plan, be sure to call the offices and confirm, because there can be a lot of fluctuations.