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it was a series that i did not expect much when i started watching it, i opened it out of boredom. yes, maybe it is not at the level of depth and general quality (see dark), but i still enjoy watching this series! it goes like a crispy cookie, i'm about to finish the second season in 2 days, i'm surprised myself. i hope its 3rd season will come, travelers, it is one of the best series on the market, i say watch it. 8/10


it's the series i've finished as of now, but i didn't really realize it when i was finishing it. i thought that because the previous seasons were 12 episodes, and then i saw that it was finished. as soon as i was finished, i heard that the series was canceled and i was sad, it was a really good production. although it is not known how they would maintain this success as version 2, but it will retain its place as a series that i do not regret watching.


it is a commodity, dombili, for which dozens of professional people work and call the work they produce an amateur. travelers is a delightful series.


everything is fine, but it is very amateurish for the person they call director to choose a host without verifying the story. the year has been 2500; let's pay attention to them now.


sci-fi production from netflix. * i watched the 12 episodes in 1 day, from morning to night, it's snowy apocalypse outside, there is popcorn or something in the house, i said what a beautiful show, it was evening and i couldn't find the next episode, i wished i had been exposed to it as much. the subject is not super, the actors are not super, the environment is not super, the scenario is not super, the action is not super, but the balance of all of them is perfect, they are all in the right dose, i think if it goes like this, it will work well.