transcendental meditation

transcendental meditation

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for years, this advertisement was hung in the apartment opposite my window in the apartment where i spent my primary school period... as a person who had just learned to read, i was depressed because of these 2 words at that time (especially when i saw those people through the window), i learned the meaning of meditation over time, but it took a long time to get used to the transcendental..


it is a natural technique that every human being realizes unconsciously from time to time, when knowledge and experience about it, but in my dear country, where too much knowledge and experience shines, it is an intellectual, corner decoration, funny, weird subject.


it's a very capitalist meditation system. course fee = $2500 if you bring two or more of your friends with you then course fee = $1,200 i'll fly all that money out of my head after i faint, i'll be deep in thought and i'll be enlightened not to get hung up on meditation again.


"violence and death are the things we face every day in the world we live in. the dose of violence is increasing and it's getting crazy. all you have to do to see what's going on is turn on your tv. i like adapting all this to the cinema. a very powerful 'unified space' that we reach through transcendental meditation. there is this space. those who visit this space can influence social consciousness by producing peace. this will change the world. this 'unified space' also includes 'pure creativity'. i think every artist should visit this space. " david lynch


20-minute tm session is not only worth 2 hours of sleep, but also comes to the consistency of solution in your spinal cord, relieves nerves and stress, is known to increase creativity, all teaching and technique are built on a scientific roof and everything has been scientifically examined and proven.


when we think about the money that the teachers receive, we see that they do not try to make people below a certain income happy and peaceful. then they say world peace, inner peace, they say...


commercial mantra meditation.