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he has ball control close to kyrie irving's level and can do incredible crossovers. the empty three-pointer he found with the crossover he just made was humiliating for the bucks.


#124967136 boy are you unstable? why are you burying doncic to praise this man? what more could doncic do in the playoffs? open playoffs stats, who is the leader? the guy was almost eliminating the clippers all by himself. is it this man's fault that his teammates are the property? so jordan was also a worse basketball player than trae young in all his years until he became champion?! may god give you an idea.


if anyone has an apology form, please send it.


trae is a good actor, but don't call doncic a balloon, bro.


he was elected to the top 5 by votes. the captain chose which team he would go to. if you don't know how to interpret basketball, don't comment, my good brother. go write curling headers or something. then you get offended when you say stupid.


basket artillery, resembling the shopars living in the favelas of rio de janeiro. but he is very talented, he has a god.


if donçiç does the same things, this man is not given the value he deserves when entering 10 pages of entries, look how the team will be made into the final, doncic. just because the man is not physically handsome, they will say that he scored almost 48 points, dear, they will say that doncic would make more news in the usa media.