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"we are the toys" - that is, "we are turning into buffoons at the hands of our spoiled brats!" a capitalist era parental cry.


(bkz: if we forget our hearts will dry up)


for a more nostalgic version (see: toys were us)


the toy shop in which a lot of children had nervous breakdowns and went into coma... -annneeaaa starr warss yaeeeeeeee -no star wars mtar wars -nihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


according to the information received from reliable sources; it's a goofy chain of stores that exploit the marrow of their employees, pay may's salary in august (and incompletely), cashiers have to stand (as a reason to offer better performance to the customer), and similarly despise labor.


the toy shop that fell out of my eye with the barbie and spiderman pairing. what did the godless barbie ken get enough of?


what distinguishes it from other toy stores is that they allow children to play with all kinds of toys while shopping. thus, the children see the store as a playground and want to go more, the parents make their children have a good time, and the seller earns their money, so everyone is happy.


the place where i hesitate to enter and leave with something in my hand every time i try. he kept saying "oh man, we were going to be kids now babe." it makes me talk. it's not a good sign for a man to try to buy lego as much as we can.

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