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sex sells (see talking body) edit südüt http://


swedish chick singer who sings the song habits. when i compared the main video and the live performance, i couldn't see any difference in sound, so i warmed to him even more.


looking at the lyrics, she's like a plum, who doesn't go sober. pity your youth.


(bkz: love to)


with the song habits (stay high), he answered the question "how could it have been if ke$ha was a little more emotional?" another person has been added to the category of pop singer scandinavian girls who are ruining the scene. * * *


swedish woman born in 1987 whose real name is tove ebba elsa nilsson. her voice and tracks are great okay, she's too late to do it. i love it.


the lady who evokes "love to" by using her name. typical swedish, nice, sound already stay high.


i am reliving the same period because of this habits song of this chick. i went and bought whiskey (which i don't like), i went and bought djarum again (which i don't smoke). stay high all the time to forget that i'm missing you!