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a plant that ejects seeds when touched. he can beat it..*


i didn't even sleep at the box office. it was the first movie in my life where i slept in the cinema. i said that i would go to berlin because he got the golden bear, officially crush, insulting the golden bear. he's a scumbag director who shot the weirdo weirdos in the therapy center. there used to be good films in european cinema, award-winning films had a meaning. waste of time.


maybe it's because i went after work with low energy, but i couldn't stand this movie. for the second time in my life, i came out of a movie theater in the middle of a movie. it was a movie where an interesting subject was wasted.


would like to make an artistic interpretation, but this movie is equipped with repulsive characters from start to finish. nasty-faced asexual aunt, hairless uncle, disabled citizen i wish i hadn't watched pornographic footage, transvestite philosopher uncle... i got the message of the movie, but was it worth the time i spent with the movie and the pipis i was exposed to? i don't think it was worth it...


37 . it was the closing film of the istanbul film festival. frankly, i didn't like it very much. my movie soundtrack was good during the movie. the soundtrack of the movie made me believe that i could watch a good movie. i was patient for the whole movie, but it was not a very successful movie except for a few scenes. maybe it was necessary to have the same feelings as laura in order to understand the movie. everyone has already talked about it. my advice is don't watch


he received the golden bear award at the 68th berlinale. (see: (see:…ilm-festival-iduskcn1g80vf)