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tony takitani

Adapted from Haruki Murakami's narration titled "Anli," this is a simple and lonely film, full of details that only Murakami's fans can appreciate.


tony takitani

Although it was not praised or even heard, it is an English series that I took a risk and finished 2 seasons in one breath. I looked into Marcella's tired eyes and pityed.


--- spoilers ---
edward, why are you so mean, my son?
--- spoilers ---


tony takitani

A book-to-film adaptation that makes you feel like you are turning a page while watching it, with its narrator and scenes that are connected through scrolls. The music also belongs to Ryuichi Sakamoto's niece, making it even more delightful.


tony takitani

The movie "Tony Takitani" makes me wonder if one day I will be as lonely as the protagonist.


tony takitani

Tony Takitani's wife was dressed tastefully, but he was unable to restrain himself from the loneliness that was his inevitable destiny, leading to his untimely death.


tony takitani

Issey Ogata is a Japanese actor known for his roles in films such as "Spirited Away" and "Silence".


tony takitani

This movie stands out due to its music, particularly the solo piano piece "Solitude" which serves as the main theme. Eric Satie's "Solitude", reminiscent of emotionally stirring piano pieces, evokes a feeling of emotion in the listener's throat each time it is heard.

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