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last week, i became facebook friends with his wife, trisha harding morrison, thanks to a tommy morrison fan page that i forgot even existed. how interesting life is...


i just found out that he died. rocky v's ungrateful tommy gunn. he is one of the people who left a small mark on our childhood. everyone is slowly passing away. =(


he is one of the "young" boxers, among whom sinan samil sam, who passed away today, also joined. a comment i read on video site while browsing his matches made me smile: "i once saw morrison getting beaten up by an old italian in an alley one evening."*


the video he deserved has finally arrived. born in arkansas, raised in colorado. representative of the inland states' german-scottish ranchery. the incarnation of the us in 1 person.


after watching a scene of rocky 5, while i was going to investigate the situation, i realized that he has been dead for weeks. actually, i got this news while i was looking to see if he continues boxing. stallone's son, who starred in the movie, had also recently passed away. rocky has lost tommy, whom he cared for as much as his stepson. "tommy gunn", who was said to have tested positive, was only 44 years old to make up for the lost years. it was a pity. (bkz: jim kelly)


he played a match with john castle on february 22, 2007 and won by tko in the 2nd round. i just found out about this and i was stunned to see what's going on or if i beat aids. i hope we continue to see him in the future. the boxing world missed him so much for 11 years. edit: i found out that the hiv tests were wrong and i was mad again. what does that mean, you are hiv positive and then you have to quit boxing. then 11 years later the test result is negative. pity the lost 11 years.


the boxer who, unbelievably, proved the hiv positive test to be faulty. he returned to the ring after he objected to being hiv negative 4 times and after this objection was negative in the hiv test he took before the authorities again, he played and won a match with a boxer named john castle on february 22, 2007. you get 46 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw in 50 games, 40 of your wins are from ko, they give you a wrong test and your career ends. sure there is another job in this business.