tomb of fireflies

tomb of fireflies

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"isao takahata animation movie made in 1988", friends, do not watch it, especially during the time we are stuck at home, well, i'm a rickety person, i just let myself go, even if it's a stone catlar efenim


an anime movie about two brothers who were orphaned after the war and made me cry drool and snot all night. i might even say more. the person who does not cry for this movie has run out of water. edit:.


animation film directed by isao takahata and touched by the finger of studio ghib. the destructiveness of the war is processed through two brothers. their hearts are mountains. don't let children watch it.


(see: hotaru no haka/#119173532)


i haven't watched such a stunning and heartbreaking anime in a long time. an anime that i gave 9/10 is a family drama about the situation in japan in world war ii. - spoiler it is an anime that should not be watched by people who have lost their children. --- spoilers ---


(bkz: hotaru no haka)