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master, entertaining the director who won the best film award at the sundance film festival, whose only concern is to do his job. while some of his contemporaries were roaming around as my director by copying american films, and my scriptwriter by re-shooting spanish films, he abolished the sundance best film award by making films like a box office clerk, like butterflies, and ivy. that's what it's drinking. congratulations tolga karaçelik


unfortunately, he is known for his relationships with actors with emotional problems rather than his cinematic direction. (see: rebound guy)


butterflies, which were not deemed worthy of support by the ministry of culture, received the grand prize at sundance, but it did not become a hot topic in its country either. hibernation, which screened only around 40,000 people in its opening week, also received the palme d'or. it is understood once again that it is useful to look for virtue in whatever the overwhelming majority of the country stays away from.


the first the director to win the best film award at the sundance film festival.