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if this vehicle lands on the roads in 3 years, i will publish my ass cap here.


figment. such things do not happen with government support. if the state provides the sufficient environment, investors will automatically jump on such projects. vw shifted the factory project to slovakia, honda closed the tr factory. the environment in which even the head of the central bank has changed in 4 months is not stable. i hope i'm an ass. be a message to the future.


the state is there, the factory is there, the idea is there. what is it, it couldn't be done because of our mindset. let them do it, my dear. we are guilty when we say that they have been pulling out goods like chickens for years just because we can build airplanes or cars. the foundations of the last factory were laid dhdjdndnd.


it was the vehicle that would hit the road in 3 years with hard work and cash flow. hard work and cash flow...the 2 things we have the most.


trending on twitter. çomarlar wrote "secular people are mad" and shared cgi images. at the central bank, the dollar has gone negative, they say togg, okay :)))


italian prototype with nothing of our own. let someone tell the cattle that i will buy it if the price is right; with this inflation, the exit price will be at least one million tl. if he sells the ass of his entire family, maybe he can get two of his doors. edit: aha, a cow came down too. this item also says reasonable price. in this country, a kilo of tomato is almost 15 liras; do you think there is a possibility that this italian car will be suitable? note: obviously togrolls will be raiding this place soon. mayys of my code.


the white goods, who brag about how many pages the cvs of the employees here are, look into the mouth of hakan ural to arrest the admirals who comment on montreux and convince their voters. he's the greatest political scientist they've had in twenty years, what are you going to do? also, i don't know if he is murat or what, but if his cv is a hundred pages, if you print enough money, you can even make him sing in the pavilion. cv doesn't fill your stomach because.