together we stand divided we fall

together we stand divided we fall

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one of my favorite lines of the song that fascinates every sentence separately. says the great man roger waters; hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all, together we stand, divided we fall..


possible word that should be printed on the earth in capital letters.


the most beautiful word that a couple who have lost all their shelter in their life now, on the verge of hitting rock bottom, whose only weapon is love, can say to each other in the company of pink floyd's melody that penetrates the blood of people.


the wonderful words of roger waters. it is used to indicate the mistake made while building the wall. unfortunately people need each other and it collapses when one tries to independent oneself.


the sentence written by the whole class on the cards we sent to the dutch prime minister when i was in secondary school* with the aim of "take us to ab, bro". i think he laughed a lot when he saw that the same thing was written on each card.