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although it was discontinued 12 years ago, it is still a common car almost everywhere in the country compared to Şahin and doğan.


my grandfather bought it from the 98 1.6 ie model in 98 as new. it was a vehicle that burned 15-odd liters per 100 kilometers. it's a gas monster. anyway, my grandfather couldn't take it anymore and sold it in 2001.


in 1983, the five-bolt version was very popular at that time. for some reason it went down on four bolts afterwards.*


it is a tool that can be defined as a f/p product. it burns a lot, but people could get by with it when there were no panel vans.


it is a car that i drive as an intermediate company vehicle, whose rear tends to go faster than the front in corners. its ass is a cheerful car.


is the reason for a country's hatred of station wagon vehicles..