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to refuse

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(see mumteni)


it is necessary in daily life. refraining from the other side, hesitating while taking a step is what modern people should do. it is very simple things to wait in line, not to usurp someone else's rights, to leave enough space for the car next to them while parking..bla bla bla. as the the people, we have to re-interpret the concepts that we see as foolishness, vigilance, this or that. i also engraved that momentary frame in my brain where this verb is used.


action that has deep meaning because it involves or should involve care and attention.


to hold back, to avoid rather than to shy away. since it is a backward stance on giving and feeding, it meets only a part of its meaning. also (see: restrict)


it is to be dragged into a kind of inaction just because i don't do it, stay away, don't upset anyone in vain. as a person grows and matures, he realizes how much he has avoided. i don't want to avoid you life...


the idiom that can also be used to mean staying away from performing an action is to try not to get infected in a way


definition: it is a verb that means to abstain, avoid, not wanting to do, it is difficult to reflect the emotion with root the words, the arabic origin word refusal is combined with the infinitive conjugation of the the verb et. i have just refrained from killing the six-legged brown creature, which is many times smaller than me in exemplary size and intelligence. the reason for this refusal is my respect for the living thing and the vitality that is the essence of the living thing, life.

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