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"if i give up seeking, then i will perish. the bitterest fate will be mine." (from van gogh, "letters to theo")


“if you only knew, he would neither embroider nor play tricks with his lovers, he would appear in the shapes and forms he created. but he runs away from the way of life. you look for it in the sky, it falls into the water like the moon. it shines there. you enter the water to find it, this time it escapes into the sky. if you seek it in the realm of non-locality, it will show its trace in the realm of space. if you run after him in the realm of space, this time he will flee to the realm of non-space.” *


pittacus the pony, who is considered one of the seven sages, said to a foça native who said 'the virtuous person should seek': 'if you fall for it too much, you will not find it.'" (diogenes laertios, from "the lives and teachings of famous philosophers")


dilber-i matlup who is ready in person and you keep calling, but the sentence is overlooked, you pass the sight for the sake of cemal-i dilber. let's choose leylay-ı right, know that dilberin is dead, don't look for it, don't search far away, the inclination of leilay-ı hakikin is always her fault.

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