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time of ikhlas

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(see: akhenaton's poem to his god, aton) (see: moses and monotheism)


'say: he is, he is allah. (allah) is ehad...' that is, he is that, he is allah. god is just that. but he can be god. he is unlike anything, he is only himself. nothing is like him. '


i don't understand why it is read for a dead person. interpretation: 1- say: "he is allah, he is one. 2- allah is same. 3- he did not give birth nor was he born. 4- he has no equal.


soothing to people. it is a joy to read and listen to in awe. allah-u ta'ala celle and cellahu tells us about his uniqueness.


every muslim should make ikhlas marshmallow for once in his life. of course, this is not a requirement, just a recommendation. what is meant by hatim is to recite 100 thousand surah ikhlas within a certain period of time. for example, if 1000 copies are read per day, it will take 100 days. thus, the meaning of this surah is almost engraved on the heart. spirit power is greatly increased.


it is one of the shortest and most beautiful surahs in the Quran: video site/watch?v=uv_djhp01rq


(see samed), samet (see three kulhuvallah one elham) (see acas semet)


how beautifully you are joking around, its existence is such and such. there is never a definition in the Qur'an that there is or does not exist in arabic. if the creator "exists", he will have a source of existence, everything that is created can also be destroyed. 'i believe in god' does not say, 'i believe in his existence'. in order to understand ikhlas, i think you need ikhlas first...

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