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the proportion that works with the pyramid system and whistles the nation.


no sane person can become a member. as long as pure idiots exist, such formations will exist.


it is said that nowadays it is possible to become a member by purchasing a product of 2000 tl and then earn income as new members are brought in. products can be viewed on this website. there is no address in the company's contact information. (see farm bank) (see: ponzi scheme)


now, just at this hour, my wife's relative said she was coming from the tiens meeting. to relieve back pain, he sticks a colored paper called ozone layer to the aching place. tiens company has registered in ito, its capital is 68.500 tl, subscribe to the system! 2500tl to be! you pay money and buy the product, then you try to sell it as best you can and become a member! he said that when you come, you earn 250 tl. fortunately, we have a new farm bank these days when people's welfare is declining. edit: i will update my relative's status.


fr. the first and second person singular form of the verb tenir. an exclamation used in the same language. it can mean "hey, hello".


great company with toothpastes. i want to try other products, but i don't know how effective it is.


i attended a meeting of them today and i didn't believe any of what they said, it sounded like bullshit


it is a successful chinese company that operates in 190 countries and has close to 16 million distributors, with a wide product range. the quality of the products is higher than expected and 100% herbal.

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