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you can use both mobile and pc versions at the same time. it's like whatsapp but better. the other party can watch the movie you put in dropbox by buffing it directly without downloading it. you can connect to facebook photos and take a photo from there, it has very interesting innovations.


sedat received advertisements. zirt pirt in mobile is huge. i'm not saying it shouldn't be an ad. make presentations in human dimensions. even when writing an entry.


a mobile messaging application that will be filled with entries in a not-too-distant date. after using it once, you wish we could talk here even if everyone was here. for example, the messaging feature while walking hit me in the heart. the emoticons are pretty cool too. #1 for korean youth. and it's not just messaging, it's just a click away from this application. there are clubs etc. you can share photos, multimedia. events events. download it i think i swear.


the app i like more than whatsapp. but probably no one knows yet.


sikimsonic advertising application encountered on each platform. i made the mistake of uploading, no one cares yet. unnecessary when there is whatsapp. everywhere has become an application, aq enough lan.


the program i will never use because i am annoyed by its advertisements.


application that loses its name. like a sln, like a sateen that we see and not look at in markafoni in limango, i don't know, like a gentlemen's club..