thus said zarathustra

thus said zarathustra

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the third part, chapter 17, gives the secret of the universe. --- spoiler --- there are many valuable discoveries on the universe. some useful, some nice. for their sake, he must love the world. and there are some discoveries that are similar to the female breast. both useful and pleasant. --- spoilers ---


the chapter entitled "on good sleep" is the only one i can remember. maybe it's because i like this part the most. ''for the sake of good sleep you have to stay awake all day''


the sentence "i am not a mouth for these ears" had the first impact on me, and then the rest of the book seemed like a rip off a sock. every sentence in it should be read over and over again and thought about. my advice to those who want to read it is not to leave it at the beginning of the book because the sentences first come in the form of "but he cheated". it is a guide for me rather than a book that i recommend to people who are interested in philosophy or open to different ideas and thoughts.


"man is like a tree. the higher he wants to go up to the light, the more firmly he takes root in the ground, down, into the darkness, into the depth - evil."


the last book of friedrich nietzsche. it is also the book that he claims to have blended his wisdom and gathered all his views under one roof. really, it's a hard book to digest.


besides being an artistic and philosophical book belonging to friedrich nietzsche, it is the first example of its kind. it was not accepted in its time and was criticized a lot. in the modern society of today's time, some readers like it while some find it ridiculous. being a superhuman, which he describes throughout the book, is something that requires great patience. as you read a book, it can chip your stubbornness and rules. it can make you more moderate and calm. but your surroundings don't change. it's weird, they look sideways at your change.


the holy book that made me meet my dear wife.


'if i wanted to shake this tree with my hands, i would not be able to shake it. but the wind that we do not see upsets it as it wishes and if it does. unseen hands hurt us the most. '

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