those who really want to commit suicide don't say that.

those who really want to commit suicide don't say that.

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it is defined as a sentence that should be considered in psychiatry, the phrase 'barking dog does not bite' does not apply to humans.


we can't know it, once this one. secondly, when it comes to people, it is definitely not right to talk so definitively. see, i said definitely. so there is a margin of error in that too. now someone who doesn't really want to commit suicide has mentioned it in some way but hasn't committed suicide. i mean, how can you talk about it for sure, people don't do it today, they will do it tomorrow. it's that simple.


i said this when my best friend said that he will have psychological problems and will commit suicide; it's like he's going to give up when you say that. what happened in the end; five or six months later, he left himself from the balcony of his house to the void, and every morning when i wake up, i wish i had looked for ways to support him instead of talking stupidly.


psychologically unfounded thought. because it is one of the methods of understanding that a depressed or suicidal person thinks of committing suicide as one of the ways that he/she wants to commit suicide. for example, therapists are obliged to share this information with the patient's family and relatives if such a sentence has come out of his mouth. no psychologist says "your child is talking about suicide, so you don't have to worry." can't say, can't say.


wrong. they often say or imply.


what if he tells you and really commits suicide?


do not agree with this thought. suicide is always thought of, even if it is momentary. in other words, i think that a person who is going to commit suicide will emphasize it 5-6 times in his life. after re-evaluating this situation, he decides whether he can actually do it. i mean, telling someone to someone might make them stop committing suicide, but otherwise it might also push them to commit suicide ...


one of the funniest mistakes of my country, after that, you couldn't stand still if it was broken. a last hope can give human sauce; that call for help may also be conscious or instinctive human survival characteristics. so take people who say they want to commit suicide seriously; they may be involuntarily asking for help.

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