those who can't hold on

those who can't hold on

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the book that changed the way people talk to themselves.


the novel in which turgut seeks his self in the light of selim..


the book that i dared to read in three nights while i was in the military, on the night shift. commenting on things like how it is, how good it is is not for shallow cattle like me, so i keep my mouth shut. all i want to write is that i closed the book in the fifteenth chapter. it was around half past three. i went out to the courtyard. i lit a cigarette. i cried hard.

4 did i live in this house for ten years? didn't i feel like hanging a picture on the wall one day? what did i do. no one warned me. here i became a meaningless person. here comes my end. fear of hanging a bad picture i have never hung a picture; i have never lived in fear of a bad life............


the book that i started to cry when i read the last line and i hugged and kept crying. it is easy to hug because it is thick


think aloud silent shout book


oguz atay's transcendent work... the holy book... the bedside work... one falls in love with selim isik together and separately... it reveals the concept of the day... it brings out the disconnectus erectus in humans. ..


"do you know what a human is, olric..? -what is our lord..? -human is the one who cuts trees and makes paper from them and then writes "protect the trees" on those papers..!" oh friend, i came across such a dialog in a place called facebook. i have read this book 60 times. there is no such dialogue between olric and turgut. if so, warn me, but what fake is this? that's enough, i am sometimes skeptical of even the real passages of those who can't hold on.. let go of that pompous undertone! stop pretending to be interested!