thirsty summer

thirsty summer

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historical artifact to be shown in the "treasures from the archives" section of the 52nd london film festival. we learned on this occasion* that the film was taken under protection and preservation by the world cinema foundation, founded by martin scorsese 18 years ago.


according to what we learned from an interview, metin erksan's problem is to describe water and soil; the submissiveness of the soil versus the rebelliousness of the water: you can take the soil in your hand and imprison it, but water does not allow it. no matter how hard you clenched your fist, water finds a way and flows through your fingers. it is not known whether the jury was unaware of this, but the reason for the award was summarized as follows: "one of the oldest subjects in the world, the story of abil-kabil, is a very striking and modern story. how to describe "..


--- spoiler --- the man who submits to the oppressor is also tyrant. --- spoilers ---


if there is someone who wanders around because i am a filmmaker and does not see/know this movie; don't forget to pour some tea while you're at it.


if i'm not mistaken, ercan yazgan also plays a small role in a scene set in prison as he is 17-18 years old.