third kind of rapprochement

third kind of rapprochement

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it is a science fiction film by steven spielberg that has been selected among the "culturally, historically and aesthetically important" films and preserved in the us national film archive. it does not contain much dialogue. it keeps your curiosity alive until the end of the film. if we talk about the year it was shot, it is quite successful cinematically. one is the stereotypical image of aliens. a tall head structure a body resembling a fetus. you are spielberg is that alien. it is still beautiful.


the series, which has a cartoon every week in kaan ertem's corner in leman (see: balanced diet), for a while, the main character of the series is a friend of ours who hates people who talk loudly, and things develop.


(see: close encounters of the third kind)


first type encounters - seeing ufos second type encounters - physical evidence (see space gun) third type encounters - alien encounter


a superior model of this is the fourth kind of rapprochement, being in solitude with the alien. usually ends with the alien putting the child.