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a german food processor called in italy (see bimby). i am very undecided about whether to buy it or not because the price is high. friends who use it, tell me, they can't finish it, sir. after purchasing this appliance, you use pots and pans less and cook healthier meals. you can do many different things with the same tool, such as steaming, making dough or crushing ice. you can even make butter. if i get it, i'll edit them.


i was very hesitant when giving 1400 euros, but my current thought is that the price of this tool is min. 4000 should be 5000 euros or something :))


it is a brand that has an advertising slogan that makes you happy at least as much as a single stone. more expensive than many solitaire rings on the market. so it's normal for him to be happy.


after seeing efenim migros' "money club pro card gift with 1000 tl loaded to buy a thermomix tm5" ad, i wondered what it was and how much it was sold for. i've seen articles and videos that can't be finished, but now it's 7990 tl. maybe one day i can get it, but now i can't.


(see: things that are definitely worth the money)


he had a man like me, who did not know how to peel potatoes, have stone kebab, lentil soup, rice, gavurdag salad, ice cream and the coffee made on the same day (the first day we bought him). the quality of each of them was at a level that the cook who said it was mine could not do. even i couldn't believe it. in the following days: i cooked sandwich contents, circassian chicken, dishes with curry and various dishes from the world cuisine. the quality was very high in all of them.


if there is anything that i have given and received money for recently, it is this friend. * note: i live and work in germany. if i lived in tr, i would have difficulty, probably in terms of purchasing power anyway.