there is no such thing as international trade.

there is no such thing as international trade.

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+1 note: i am a graduate of international trade and management


i guess you've never heard of aliexpress or amazon or something. was the cave moist? suggestive proposition. those big ships are already crossing the oceans by burning tons of diesel for their pleasure. those cargo planes or something... also (see incoterms)


if we go with the same mindset, there is no profession called computer engineer in this country. see if you will see any computer engineers around you. there are software developers, networkers, databases, but no one has such a title as a computer engineer. there is no such profession as business. do you know anyone who has a job as an operator?


(see: papers please) if you want to get the job here as a profession, continue my friends. see: there are those who wrote incoterms above, i'm currently working on cost analysis, i couldn't laugh out loud at the office. i'll give you a break.


if they teach letter of credit it is the king of the profession. how many people in the world know how to read l/c?


they said it's wrong sir, i don't know how many countries i export to. unfortunately, we cannot count exports as part of this business. i teach exports to sane 15-year-olds for a week. our topic here is import. let's talk about it. more precisely, it is the import of food or machinery. take it easy.


it's not a completely wrong proposition. i export the textiles to 17 countries by myself. my license is teaching english.