there is a man

there is a man

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contrary to what is generally known, ismail türit song written for alaattin Çakıcı, not sedat peker.


it is definitely the most perfect song a man can write to another man. i've had it on repeat for about 6 hours, it's amazing. let me eat the stone, reyis. sdklfjajdsklfkjlslkjdfkjlsflslkdfsdf video site/watch?v=gnvnvdpemg8 edit: gada is polite as required. sdlfkjasjdfjllasdf


it is a song that our citizens, who are as polite as necessary, should listen to. every word is a masterpiece. there is a two-faced shameless chameleon there is a disgrace


(see andre castro pereira) (see antonio alberto bastos pimparel)


it was really written for sedat peker, not for alaattin cakici as claimed. even at a circumcision wedding when sedat peker was kirve, İsmail türt came out and sang it live on the stage. this live recording is available on sedat peker's video site channel. description: the song that i listened to again after years and giggled at his rhymes with sedat peker on the occasion of being on the agenda.


after hearing it in various parody videos lately, it's a piece of ismail türit that i've been looking at to see what it is. as it is known, the song was written for the lover of young nephews, sedat peker. at first, we made a reel and something like that, but the last time it was going from the 30th replay. don't make a second plan, it's like a plan case.


best version:…inar/status/665915722120486912 sheriff faisal lightning edition:…hale/status/665004269746155520


contrary to popular belief, it is an ismail turut mani written and composed not for justin trudeau, but for the young entrepreneur mark zuckerberg.